Bird Protection Nets Services

Bird Protection Nets are used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas, so encouraging them to move on to a more convenient resting location. Netting can keep birds off windowsills and rooftops.


Pigeon Safety Nets

Many of us have issues with birds and other animals entering our apartments. Vijay Safety Nets are the perfect solution for bird droppings and bird tweeting. We are dedicated to preventing bird intrusion.


Plastic Bird Spikes

Vijay Safety Nets is well-known for its bird spike solutions. We are associated with several bird spikers' stockists. A bird control spike is distinct from other nets that is made up of long needle-like rods.


Windows Chajja Nets

Are birds destroying your balcony by contaminating it? Do birds enter your apartments, houses, or office premises? Relax! Vijay Safety Nets offers premium-quality window chajja nets for you.


Duct Area Safety Nets

Duct area safety nets are the best way to secure an open area between two buildings or apartments and to avoid pigeon menaces. Vijay Safety Nets will assist you in permanently avoiding the problem.


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Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions by our customers throughout our journey of safety nets.

Year after year, bird netting can be preserved and reused. There are numerous sizes available. The small gaps keep birds from being trapped in the net, making it safe for them.

The cost of a pigeon net ranges from approximately ₹285.00 – ₹820.00

Vijay anti-bird nets are made of high-quality material. The nets we have been using are durable and versatile in nature as they won’t only save your balcony from birds but also from harmful UV rays. Get a net for your home now. Reach us today.

Windsocks, predatory bird decoys, and reflective surfaces can be used instead of bird netting. 

Pigeons require 50mm mesh, Seagulls require 75mm mesh, pheasants require 40mm mesh, starlings require 28mm mesh, while sparrows and other birds require 19mm mesh.

The netting is constructed of six monofilaments that are twisted together to form a strong twine with twists per metre. The durable netting is meant to be an effective bird repellent in temperatures ranging from -250F to +270F.

Client Testimonials

One of our core values is that ‘we delight our customers‘ — Your lovely feedback about our team, highlights the reason why we place our customers at the centre of all that we do. Thank you for supporting Vijay Safety Nets.

Vijay Safety Nets team work is impressive. The quality appears to be satisfactory. After a month or two, I'll be able to comment on the work. It was done carefully and professionally. I would recommend their safetynets services to others.
Programmer, Sinjen Corp
They did the net fitting for my balcony to protect against pigeons. The two guys that came did a very nice job and left the space clean. Happy with the promptness, professionalism and quality of service.
We wanted to have net over our balcony area and it was done neatly and quickly. Would recommend anyone if they looking for their service.

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