5 Ways To Use Balcony Safety Nets

India includes a few major cities that use Balcony safety nets in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. As career opportunities expand, buildings are sprouting up all over the cities, playing an important role in the survival and growth of businesses.

As balconies have always been regarded as an eminent gesture, an increase in pigeon populations and the need for balcony safety have become mandatory.

Methods To Install Balcony Safety nets

Here are some methods to install Balcony Safety Nets/Mesh for your home or buildings.

Glass Curtains

Glass Curtains are retractable enclosures for balconies that can convert an unused space into an all-year-round oasis that can provide endless possibilities.

Tests have shown that Glass Curtains can reduce outside traffic noise to soft background music and keep interiors dry even in heavy rain.

Glass panels rest firmly on the bottom of the tracks, making Glass Curtains a very steady and secure product.

Safety Nets

One of the most basic preventive measures is installing a safety net on the balcony.

Can purchase materials at most hardware stores, easily cut to size, and installed.

Having a net obstructing the view may not be aesthetically pleasing, but children and pets can still breathe fresh air while being reasonably secure.

Slats and Spindles

Families with balconies should keep in mind these child safety tips:

  • Ensure that the railings don’t have horizontal parts where children could climb.
  • Removing furniture and other climbable objects from the edge of the balcony
  • Children should not be able to access terraces if doors are closed

Apart from these, the balcony can also be made safer by adding more vertical slats and spindles to fill in the gaps in the railing.


Ziptrak is a sophisticated track-guided blind system that protects from rain, heat, wind, haze, insects, and falls.

Its spring-balanced system is among the smoothest on the market. You can adjust the height to any desired degree with a simple pull, push, and let go.

Ziptrak is carefully tested to ensure complete rain and wind protection. The design grips the vertical tracks tightly, preventing rattling even in strong winds.

Invisible Grill

You really can’t go wrong with invisible grills. This balcony guard, made of steel wires, reduces the risk of children falling from balconies.

Moreover, they are easily customizable and come in portable versions, making them suitable for families looking for a temporary solution in their rented properties.

Invisible grilles are hardy and durable, but they can still be cut with a wire cutter since they’re made of stainless steel. As a result, they can’t be used to keep intruders out. Invisible grilles could be considered a modernized form of regular or classic grills. 

As their name implies, they are not exactly invisible. There are still small wires running over, and you would not have a great view of what is going on outside.

Safety Measures For Apartment Balcony Safety Nets and Grills:

As more apartment buildings reach new heights, there is growing concern about highrise apartment balcony safety. Most builders follow a fine line between looks and protection, attempting to find a balance.

Facts and Best Practices:

According to the National Building Code, any slab or balcony 2 meters or higher above the ground must have balcony safety nets, railings, or a grill.

Grill balconies should have vertical rails rather than horizontal rails. Horizontal rails are quite simple and appealing to children to climb, and the distance between neighboring rails should be no more than 4-4.5 inches.

In Balconies frequented by small children, chairs and other furniture should be avoided.

Access to Balcony safety doors must have door locks high enough to be out of reach of small children.

If the balcony needs to be enclosed for safety reasons, most housing societies have approved grill designs installed uniformly in all flats.

I hope this blog helped you and cleared your questions regarding balcony safety and balcony safety nets. Thank You. 

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