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Safety Nets are designed to keep people safe after falling from great heights by restricting the distance they fall. Safety nets are used in a variety of industries, including construction, building maintenance, entertainment, and many others.

balcony safety nets

Balcony Safety Nets

Balcony Safety Nets are used to provide safety and comfort at home by protecting children, adults, pets, and anything that may fall from a height, such as terraces, balconies, windows, steps, pools etc.

Children Safety nets

Children Safety Nets

Children Safety Nets are useful for protecting your children from falling from balconies, windows, terraces, staircases etc. They will not tear or have any sharp edges that may injure or harm your kid.


Open Area Safety Nets

If your terrace area has been trashed by birds, don't panic; Vijay safety nets provide high-quality nets for buildings or apartments. It ensures that your open areas are always protected.


Construction Safety Nets

Over the years, several people have been critically injured during the work on construction sites. Vijay Safety Nets ensure 100% safety for the workers, allowing them to work without incidents throughout the year. 


Building Safety Nets

Building safety nets are mostly used in the home. Vijay Safety Nets allows you to breathe freely, does not hinder your daylight, and beautifies the appearance of your home. Our nets are carefully knitted and have anti-burning qualities.


Staircase Safety Nets

Staircase safety nets are ideal for use on wide staircases. Vijay Safety Nets guarantees to install them on multiple levels of the stairs to reduce the chance of any injury from falling children, adults, pets, objects etc.


Glass Safety Nets

Glass safety nets are crucial in preventing breakage or damage to objects on glass tiles, that could lead to major accidents or even deaths. Vijay Safety Nets is a prominent supplier among the clients. 


Swimming Safety Nets

Swimming pool nets are high-quality nets that are built with marine-grade stainless steel clips to secure their appropriate anchors, which can support any large weight.


Monkey Safety Nets

Money Safety Nets are used to keep monkeys out of your property. The nets are heavy and strong. If there are any trees near your premises, its quite common that you face the trouble.


Car Parking Safety Nets

Car parking safety nets have evolved as an important element for preventing a lot of uncertainty in parking lots. Vijay Safety Nets is the ideal choice as we guarantee the finest parking space nets for a hassle-free lifestyle.


Coconut Tree Safety Nets

When coconuts ripen, they tend to fall to the ground. That might severely injure someone. Relax! Vijay safety nets are strong, long-lasting, and crafted of high-quality nylon fabrics that can withstand any weight of coconuts.  


School & College Safety Nets

Introducing safety netting for schools and colleges will allow students to keep a safe distance from sunscreen while also fixating on the heat throughout the summer.

Industrial Safety nets

Industrial Safety Nets

Industrial safety nets are designed to protect people from product damage in warehouses or storage spaces. Vijay Safety nets industrial help improve safety for employees and workstations.


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Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions by our customers throughout our journey of safety nets.

Safety nets can be installed on windows, balconies, terraces, and staircases.  The netting system can be added to an aluminium frame as well if the terraces are not covered.

Studies have shown that fall guard systems such as safety nets can prevent many injuries and even deaths from falls.

Safety nets are designed to deflect and absorb the energy of a fall, reducing the chances of injury. There must be enough free space underneath the net so that the person who has fallen does not collide with an obstacle or the ground as the net deflects.

Absolutely Yes. Without a doubt. Quality materials with good tension will assure safety and will be checked and tested for trial strength after installation.

Nylon is used to make safety netting. 

No. The nets are designed in such a way that breaking one diamond has no effect on the net’s efficiency. To further clarify, if one diamond is broken, the tear will not expand or spread. 

6 inches by 6 inches

Net mesh sizes must not exceed 6 inches by 6 inches. All new nets must meet approved performance standards of 17,500 foot-pounds minimum impact resistance as determined and validated by manufacturers and must show a proof test label.

310 pounds

OSHA’s standard capacity for fall arrest equipment is 310 pounds. OSHA’s standard criteria and protocols (static and dynamic testing) justify this 310-pound limit.

Safety netting provides strength, impact resistance, and durability. Construction safety netting systems are sturdy and durable for indoor or outdoor use as they strengthen worker confidence and help keep workers safe from fall hazards.

Mark Publicover

Mark Publicover created and trademarked the first commercially successful trampoline safety net enclosures in the United States, where they were originally offered by JumpSport Trampolines in 1997.

Client Testimonials

One of our core values is that ‘we delight our customers’ — Your lovely feedback about our team highlights the reason we put customers at the centre of all that we do. Thank you for supporting Vijay Safety Nets.

Vijay Safetynets have been doing an excellent job of providing important help in the maintenance of coconut trees. They had used netting and rope to create a lovely cover like canopy around the growing coconuts and branches, guaranteeing that the coconuts or branches won't fall. I would definitely recommend.
We were relieved of all our concerns after acquiring Vijay Safety Net and their service. Fixed netting for our balconies and building duct areas.  When we're at work, we're not stressed, worrying about our young son. 
Riya and Jayesh
Riya and Jayesh
Fast Response, Timely installation, and superb service. The staff from Vijay Enterprises are courteous and extremely skilled. I'm your happy customer. Thank you
Tarun Gowda
Tarun Gowda

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